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Automatic Transmission Products We repair ALL Automatic Transmissions and we carry the parts if you want to do the job yourself. Give us the gears – all manufacturers – all makes and models. We repair and re-build them. From Allison to ZF and 2 speed to 8 speed we have the parts you need to repair the most complex automatic transmissions. We carry everything from rebuild kits, soft and hard parts, electronics, remanufactured valve bodies, and torque converters, to flex-plates, transmission mounts, coolers, and installation tools. Call us for whatever you need.

Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kits When we rebuild a transmission at Transmission Direct we use only quality parts and we understand that if you’re tackling this job yourself then you’re looking for the same high standard components. Transmissions aren’t easy and the only way to ensure you deliver a superior, one-time rebuild or repair is to know your stuff. You’re a specialist and you only work with superior parts. We know what you’re looking for. Transmission Direct carries top of the line kits with components from OEM suppliers like TransTec and Borg Warner. We carry six variations of automatic Transmission Rebuild Kits to suit your needs.

Soft Parts Don’t forget the soft parts. Quality and reliability are essential in soft parts and Transmission Direct carries what you need. Call us for all whatever you need. We carry a complete line of OEM and aftermarket replacement gaskets and seals, metal clad seals, bushings/bearings, sealing rings, thrust washers/needle bearings, filters, clutches, pressure plates, and bands.

Hard Parts Let’s sum it up in one word – QUALITY. That’s what we’re all looking for. You have to get it right the first time. You can’t afford to get a job back and your customer wants to drive away happy. You need quality in all parts and components.

OEM Your customer wants their vehicle repaired with components that perform. No problems, no clunkers. If you’re looking for OEM components Transmission Direct offers an outstanding selection of OE components directly from manufacturers such as AC Delco, Ford, Chrysler, and ZF. We deliver the parts you need.

Aftermarket And when you need to replace original flawed or poor quality original parts with aftermarket quality, then we have that too. Transmission Direct carries an extensive line of aftermarket new and remanufactured hard parts. These reengineered components are designed to outperform original parts. Give your customer the best products for their vehicle. Ask our expert technicians about Aftermarket reliability.

Used Our used parts have been thoroughly inspected and we stand behind them. Tell us what you need. Put the right parts in place.

Standard Transmission As a mechanic you see fewer and fewer standard transmissions roll through your door, but a driver who prefers a stick shift likes to drive. He knows how his car should perform and you can give him back the driving experience he loved. At Transmission Direct we carry a full line of standard transmission parts from the industry’s best Aftermarket Manufacturers and OEMs. From synchro assemblies, gears, bearing kits, clusters, and cases – to clutches, flywheels, and master/slave cylinders – count on our quality parts to help service both domestic and import vehicles. Pro-King Transfer Case Bearing Kits Internal Components Shift Motors Transfer Case ID Guide Transfer Case When getting your customer back on the road means back “off-road” you can count on Transmission Direct! Our stock of transfer case parts will do the job. We carry a thorough line of shift/encoder motors, bearing and seal kits, internal components, viscous couplings, and case halves. You will have the parts you need to repair New Process, Borg Warner and Dana/Spicer transfer cases.

Equipment & Supplies Parts are one thing – what you use to put them together is another! At Transmission Direct we can help you outfit your shop with the best products and services available - to make sure you get the job done right and quickly! We have sourced for you the best equipment and supplies from respected manufacturers in the industry. Having them here and ready for you saves time and money by letting you stay on the job, doing what you do best: moving cars through your bays and customers through your door. This is just a partial list of all the items we carry. Give us a call and we’ll help you find just what you need.
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