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We’re Direct.
We’re Good.
We have your Transmission.

Strong statements, but true.

You can provide excellent transmission repairs to your customers because we are Your Team. Your TEAM of highly skilled technicians gets the job done right the first time because that’s how you run your shop. It’s the way you do business and it’s the way we do business.

Your Team stands behind their work and they guarantee it. Transmission Direct has built its reputation on QUALITY workmanship, FAIR pricing and GREAT service. Our business has grown because we understand your reputation is riding on our expertise. You can talk to us. In fact, we’d like you to do just that.

Call us at 519-245-5551

Talk to Your Team about transmission problems and, more importantly, about transmission solutions.

Transmissions are a specialty. They are an important part of your business but they aren’t what’s on your hoist every day. When you need to provide excellent transmission service to your customers you need to know Your Team is qualified and ready to go. Transmission Direct gives you that extra hoist and that extra pair of skilled hands that will get your customer's vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

We pick up. We deliver.

Your reputation is secure and your bottom line will increase when you depend on Your Team at Transmission Direct.

Do the numbers. Your Team specializes in all Driveline repairs and maintenance.

Automatic & Standard Transmissions

Heavy Duty Transmissions – We do them ALL.

Performance & Classic Vehicles Experience Means Good Business

We are Transmission Specialists. Day in and day out we repair and re-build transmissions. We’ve been doing it for years. Transmission Direct has the facility, the equipment and the trained technicians. You can give us the gears because we know exactly what to do with them and when we give them back, things run smoothly, just like they’re suppose to You can talk to us. In fact, we’d like you to do just that. Give us your transmission troubles and we’ll give you transmission solutions. Call us at 519-245-5551

Yes, you do transmissions! We don’t have to explain to you how more billable hours mean a better bottom line. What we want you to know is that your Transmission Direct Team is standing behind you. When a customer comes to you with a transmission repair you can say with confidence: “Yes, we do transmissions!” Our pick-up and delivery service combined with our product warranties and friendly technical support ensure you have satisfied customers for the long road!
World Class Service